About Jeremy

First and foremost, I’m not just a professional mentor – I’m an entrepreneur myself.

Only a fellow entrepreneur truly understands the pressures, challenges, excitement and rewards of growing a business from scratch.

Here’s a summary of my most relevant experience (head over to LinkedIn for more detail and endorsements).

As an entrepreneur…

I have been a co-founder or early stage director of 6 businesses in 6 different sectors:

  • Early stage director and chairman of a technology and management consultancy. Developed the business from £500k to £20m turnover and 200 employees. The company sold to a FTSE 100 listed IT services company
  • Investor, early stage director and chairman of a manufacturing business in the environmental sector. The company sold to a FTSE 100 listed civil engineering business
  • Co-founder and chairman of an online financial services business which has been operating for 16 years
  • Co-founder and chairman of a business incubator for online businesses. The company sold to a mid-size financial services business
  • Co-founder of a lifestyle interior design business in its eighth year of operation
  • Co-founder of a speciality coffee business in the startup phase

My experience also includes not-for-profit enterprises. I have co-founded a local foodbank which has grown into a wider services charity and social enterprise, and am an ambassador for a charity supporting innovation and enterprise in East Africa.

Altogether these experiences spurred me to start sharing the invaluable lessons learned along the way so in 2009 I began mentoring small business owners – at first locally, now covering a wider area.

As a small business mentor…

As a business mentor I have supported over twenty founders, directors and entrepreneurs.

Their businesses have ranged from a seed-stage startup to a business which has been in existence for almost 100 years and has a turnover of £120m. (Read more about the kind of people I work with).

The industry sectors these enterprises operate in vary widely – they include health and beauty, construction, agriculture, technology, management consultancy, food retail, legal services, social housing.

The reason I have been able to support such a range of different enterprises is because I take a relationship-based approach to mentoring. Although there are certain fundamentals that underpin most successful businesses, every sector is different and every individual businessperson is unique. There is no cookie-cutter formula for success. That’s why my sheer variety of different success stories is important. It allows me to tailor the mentoring to your own circumstances, business dynamics, and personal drive. Read more about how mentoring works – or get in touch now for an initial chat.