People I Work With

Over the last six years I’ve mentored fellow entrepreneurs in diverse industries and types of business. It might seem there is no ‘typical client’; in some ways that’s true, but to ensure the best results, it makes sense to define some of the more likely criteria for success. Do you identify with the following?

Business stage

You’re running a small business or a social enterprise, typically with an annual turnover between £200k and £3 million.

You are beyond the start-up phase. You’re facing the myriad of challenges to help the business scale whilst trying to keep your eye on the bigger picture.


You're someone with a keen sense of purpose, including goals outside of business. You’re looking for a good balance between working and living.

You want to achieve the success you define, while keeping the flexibility that attracted you in the first place.

How do you know if you’d benefit from business mentoring?

You’re doing what you love, but nevertheless there are times you feel the pressure. There’s the risk, the isolation of being at the top, and the sense of the unknown.

You would value the opportunity to periodically step back from day-to-day priorities and think more widely about where the business is going. Ideally, you’d do that with someone who has lived through your current business stage and beyond.

You would value having someone on hand to help with setting priorities, talking through key decisions, and providing an objective viewpoint on the situation. Someone who can hold you accountable to your own plan for success – and whose entire focus is helping you achieve it.

If this describes you, please get in touch.