What clients are saying

“I have worked with Jeremy for the last 2 years and it has been an absolute pleasure. His knowledge and insight into building and sustaining small and medium sized companies has been invaluable. With Jeremy's support, I have managed to triple my turnover in the last 2 years and ensured that this growth has been achieved profitably, alongside the appropriate and timely development of my core team and the implementation of a measurable marketing strategy.

Further to this Jeremy has guided me through some turbulent times enhancing my understanding of running, growing and developing a business. In doing so, Jeremy has provided me with a greater financial focus, clarity of company management and the ability to identify and measure key performance indicators.

Thanks to Jeremy, I find myself at a really exciting stage in my business development and we are now focusing on the next phase of rapid growth and working to ensure the necessary building blocks are in place.

Jeremy's personal experience, insight and knowledge of managing rapid growth in a range of small and medium size businesses, has given me the confidence and clarity to be able to develop and grow my fledgling idea into a business that I am proud of.

It is great having someone that you can rely on to offer wisdom, advice and support and I consider Jeremy to be a key member of my team. I honestly don’t think I would have achieved the success that I have done without him and I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with him in the coming years.”

Tim, Business owner, Stroud

“Thanks Jeremy, on a personal note I have grown personally as well as in business enormously since starting work with you.”

Jay, Business owner, London

“We have been working with Jeremy since 2011, right at the inception of our business. It's been very reassuring to be able to turn to Jeremy when confronted with complex issues and get an unbiased second opinion on a range of subjects. Jeremy has a very calm and open approach to business matters, which is ideal for encouraging honest, frank and constructive discussions when needed. Our business has certainly been managed in a more professional and structured way with Jeremy's guidance.”

Steve & Natasha, Business owners, London

“Jeremy has been mentoring me since 2010 with (amongst other things) a complex start-up related situation. It's great to have someone who is entrepreneurial, has amazing values and the practical experience to back it up. Jeremy really listens and is very calm and encouraging. I feel better after every meeting with him knowing more of how to get what I want - not just out of a business situation but out of life as a whole! I would whole-heartedly recommend Jeremy to anyone who needs business mentoring or just another view on something.”

Nick, Business owner, Gloucestershire

“I have had my own business for the last 7 years and felt that I would benefit from getting an external view on the business, my approach, future plans and goals. It has been brilliant to find someone with Jerry's wealth of experience. He has helped build my confidence and has helped me to work out what the business is all about, and conversely what the business is not about! Jeremy is always calm, interested and supportive.”

Sally, Business owner, Worcester